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An array of prestigious brands in conjunction with Pune Fashion Week forth a luxury experience which is one of a kind. PFW exclusive lounges covers a spectrum of choices for the fashion week audiences with brands like Mantra Majestique, Meine Kuche, Audi, LG, Kitsch, Triumph, Kora, RIO, BMW and Gitanjali showcasing luxe, top of the line fashion and lifestyle options for a selected audience. FASHION KNOWLEDGE SERIES
Pune Fashion Week’s Knowledge Series are an inspiring platform for fashion enthusiasts as well as industry insiders. With each season, we have the best of Bloggers, Designers, Legal brains and Industry experts coming in and sharing their views on the current market trends and their take on the future growth. Few topics reflected upon last season were “Leveraging Social Media to enhance Designer visibility and concept of Social Shopping as the future of commerce”. With its Knowledge Series, PFW aims to draw focus onto contemporary issues in Fashion Industry and Trade. Engage yourself to hear some of the most inspiring stories this season at the fashion knowledge series.
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