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A robust fashion platform, PFW is focused on showcasing outstanding GenNext talent and luxury brands to a distinguished target audience. It is rated as one of the biggest fashion extravaganzas of India featuring the best designers and the crème-de-la-crème of the society in full attendance.


Our Vision is to create an environment where tradition and luxury are brought onto a single platform enabling an inflection point that creates exquisite pieces of art while defining trends in Luxury Fashion.


Having started off as a conventional fashion week, Pune Fashion Week (PFW) has over the years successfully transformed into one of India’s leading Luxury Fashion Weeks. While the first six seasons of PFW have focused on establishing Pune firmly onto the fashion map of India and providing a platform for GenNext designers and Luxury, the seventh season had PFW broaden its horizons to truly capture the essence of Bharat and its interplay with the World Fashion and trends.

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Director’s Note

Director’s Note

PFW is one such establishment that brings together well-known International as well as Domestic Designers who are institutions by themselves and are profusely talented emerging names that need a sought-after platform, celebrities that endorse innovation in Luxury and Fashion- An array of Industry specialists, Indispensable stakeholders and the curiously fashionable end-users that make PFW a success story each year. Going forward, PFW envisions to grow further with two seasons each year in line with global fashion markets through the introduction of Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter weeks.

A first step in this direction is being reflected in the way we had structured PFW Season 7 & the forthcoming seasons. While the core strengths of PFW will remain, we shall be introducing a significantly expanded market component as well as segments on International Designers on the one hand and designer focused on traditional Fashion and textiles on the other hand.

A big thank you to everyone who has been a part of this fashionable journey with us and has made PFW a glitzy benchmark with a smashing style of its own. I appeal to you and am confident that all of you’ll who have supported us through this exciting journey and have come to be a part of the PFW family will continue to support us in our quest of conquering greater heights and establishing ourselves prominently on the Global Fashion Map.

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